Yann Zaoui

Bachelor of Computer Science, University of Waterloo



Android Developer — D2L Kitchener, Canada. Jan-Apr 2018

  • Reimplemented core app architecture using Clean Architecture principles (The Dependency Rule, ideal data flow)
  • Utilized Android Architectural Components (Data Binding, ViewModel, LiveData) to reimplement app flow
  • Achieved full test coverage (unit, integration) of new architecture with concise tests following Clean Architecture, removing prior dependencies such as a mocking
  • Created dynamic feedback & rating component to be used in a prompt and dedicated section in app, led to increased user engagement & Google Play Store rating

Android Developer — D2L Kitchener, Canada. May-Aug 2017

  • Rewrote entire core camera functionality using Android's new camera API Camera2
  • Constructed view components with robust states & transitions

Full Stack Web Developer — gatewayiQ Cambridge, Canada. Jan-Apr 2016

  • Architected new iteration of company website using Laravel (PHP)
  • Introduced codebase testing at many levels (unit, integration, system)
  • Improved live site by applying database normalization in PostgreSQL
  • Implemented new database access layer in Neo4j (graph database)

Full Stack Web Developer — Audiobooks.com Burlington, Canada. May-Aug 2015

  • Upgraded administrator site to support new tables paving the path to a successful promotion campaign
  • Set up over a dozen cron jobs, increasing user engagement by targeting specific customer sets
  • Created a PHP procedure to process ONIX (book metadata standard) files to facilitate communication with book publishers


  • PBBG: Online social game using Ktor web framework, React, and Web Components. Kotlin, TypeScript+HTML+CSS
  • RemindMe: Android app to set personal reminders with notifications. Kotlin
  • ConnectFour: Custom game engine built over SDL2 to practice architecture & resource management. C++
  • HistoPaint: Paint program with animation replay feature, scrubbing through drawing timeline. Java
  • More @ yannzaoui.com



  • Experience writing Kotlin, JavaScript/TypeScript, C/C++, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, React, PHP
  • Develop on Windows & Linux, comfortable with command line, text editors, and JetBrains family of IDEs
  • Use Git for version control
  • CI/CD experience using CircleCI, Travis CI, Heroku
  • Fluent in English & French, intermediate Japanese & Arabic


  • Bachelor of Computer Science, 2014-2019
  • President's Scholarship of Distinction, 2014